Our History

Soosung Engineering Co., Ltd. has achieved decent advancement since its inception of business in 1991.

Continuous Advancement
06.27Professional Research Business Registration Certificate [[]Registration Number No. 20202821] new
04.12 Integrated Permit Agency Registration Certificate [[]Registration Number No. 141] new
03.31Railway Facility Safety Assessment Specialist Organization Registration Certificate [[]Registration Number No. 3 in Gyeongnam] new
03.08Environmental Specialist Construction Business (Water Quality Field) [[]Registration Number No. 2022-2, Seongsan District Office] new
08.27Environmental Impact Assessment Business Registration Certificate [[]Registration Number No. 45, Mayor of Seoul] new
07.13Maritime Area Utilization Impact Assessment Agent [[]No. IN-042, Incheon Regional Maritime and Fisheries Administration] new
06.18Research and Development Service Registration Certificate [[]Ministry of Science and ICT Registration Number No. 20202821] - 4IR Kim Min... Ne
01.23 Environmental Consulting Company Registration Certificate [[]No. 12] new
01.02Youth Employment Subsidy [[]Ministry of Employment and Labor] new
12.01Family Friendly Corporate Certification (JEH2018-0008HO)
11.26Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001: 2018 (Certificate Registration No.: 50350443 OHS18)
05.30Registered for Transport Safety Diagonosis Agency Services - Railway Sector (JEH2018-1HO)
05.15Registered for Business Utilizing Ultra-light flying device (Registration No.: JEHBU2018-529HO)
03.29Registered for Underground Safety Impact Assessment Specialized Agency Service (Registration No.: GYEONGNAM JEH10HO)
06.12Soosung Engineering - Seoul Branch Office Relocated
04.06Registration as Technical Diagnosis Professional institution (No.: Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office No.11)
02.15Registration for Real-estate Development Work (No.: Gyeongnam 160002)
09.15The Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Confirmation of the certificate of an architectural firm that belongs to Certified Engineering enterprise (The 56th)
09.11The Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Real estate development business registration certificate (Gyeonggi-150084)
06.24Registered as Public sewerage system Technical diagnosis specialized institution (Han River Basin Environmental Office the 40th)
07.14Registered as Engineering for the construction enterprise at Gyeonggi-do (1-2-22)
04.16Obtained a certification for independent medium enterprises, from Korea Industry & Technology Promotion Institute (2014-0233)
07.29Registered as electrical construction enterpriser at Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi-04170)
03.21Certified Quality Management system (Certified No. WN-551)
01.18Registered as general traffic safety Audit institution (10)
07.27Registered machine equipment construction business on Certificate of construction industry registration (Anyang-11-10-08)
06.20Registered as a new regeneraion energy facility installation enterpriser (2011-06-011200)
07.12Registered as Professtional Industrial Design Company (02664)
06.10Registered as an agency for Excuting Feasibility study of public Transportation facilities Development project(1-34)
Seek New Strategies and Switch-over
01.22Registered as software enterpriser at Korea Software & Industry Association(B09-12300-001)
01.05Registered for Soil Remediation Agency from Han & River Basin Environmental Office (2009-1)
08.02Registered as agency for establishing desaster & prevention and safty measure at National Energency & Management Agency (The 16th)
06.27Registered as facility maintenance business at Anyang City Hall (Anyang-06-29-03)
02.02Registered as an overseas construction business at Ministry of Construction & Transportation (No. 253)
10.27Obtained a certificate of safety analysis specialized Institute (Gyeonggi-4)
03.18Registered as a population impact assessment agency at Ministry of Construction & Transportation (No. 34)
01.18Registered as the 2nd degree fire protection construction supervision business (machinery, electricity) at Anyang Fire Station (No. 253)
01.16Registered as an electricity facility supervision business (comprehensive) at Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi 2-154)
12.28Obtained a certificate of safety analysis from Korean Army 5775 Commander (3033642)
10.08Doosan Engineering Co., Ltd. was merged.
04.12Registered as a disaster impact assessment agency at Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (Seoul-017)
03.03Corporate name was changed to Soosung Engineering Co., Ltd.
Establishment and Rise
03.15Registered as a traffic impact assessment agency at Ministry of Construction & Transportation (No 102)
02.11Registered as an environmental impact assessment agency at Hangang Environment Management Agency (Seo-105)
03.16Corporate name was changed to Soosung Technology Group
03.09Registered as a construction supervision company (comprehensive) at Ministry of Construction & Transportation (Jong-13)
07.29Established Sebang Technology Institute, Korea Industrial Technology Association (No. 941189)
07.09Reported as an engineering activity entity to Korea Engineering & Consulting Association (No. 10-079)
10.06Registered as Public Surveying Business at Ministry of Construction & Transportation (No. 06-1006)
10.04Registered as specialized technology service at Ministry of Science & Technology (No. 3-455)
01.25Sebang Technology Group was established