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Ports & Harbors

We provide Clients the optimal performances by enhanced technology such as cutting-edge technology and renovation of new technology & new construction methods.

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Major Businesses

- Harbor planning area
National trade port master plan / national coastal master plan / berth development plan / port redevelopment master plan / new port development plan / state controlled coastal master plan / national Marina harbor master plan
- Fishing port planning area
Fishing village / fishing port development master plan / Specialized port including multi-functional fishing port master plan / state-controlled feasibility study / state-controlled background land pla
- Coastal improvement project area
National coastal erosion monitoring / restoration of coastal erosion, prevention of erosion
- Design area
(Basic facility) harbor facilities such as sea route, anchorage, turning basin / counter facilities such as breakwater, revetment, offshore breakwater, submerged breakwater / berthing facilities such as pier, lighters wharf, slipway, small ship basin
(Function facility) port uploading facilities such as uploading equipment, piping system / cargo distribution facilities such as container equipment, CFS, CIS
(Supporting facility) new regeneration energy related facilities / low carbon harbor related facilities such as resource circulation facilities and climate change response facilities for damage prevention / complementary facility such as parking lot
(Harbor waterfront facility) fishing hole, yacht, harbor for marine leisure boats including wind surfing boat /concert hall , marine cultural facilities such as study center, mud experience center
- Other area
Public waters reclamation / national seismic capacity assessment / national design ocean wave estimation / offshore disaster prevention / national fishing port facilities stability evaluation

Provide engineering services in fishing ports as well as general ports & harbors for enhancement of quality of life and realization of value engineering by efficient utilizing sea and ocean resources.