Our Business

Traffic & Transport

We are doing everything in our power to devise best plans that live up to the desire and demand of the future society

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Major Businesses

- Traffic Planning
Urban Traffic Improvement Plan / Road Construction & Management Plan / Public Transportation Basic Plan / Transport Safety Basic Plan / Promoting Plan for Barrier-free Public transport for transportation vulnerables / Basic Plan for Improvement of Pedestrian safety and Convenience enhancement / Basic Plan to promote Bicycle usage / Improvement Plan for sustainable Transport Logistics
- Traffic Impact Assessment
Housing Site Development / Urban Development / Industrial Complex Development & Residential Environment Improvement / Tourist Destination Development / Road Construction / Other Facilities
- PPP and PFI
Road Construction / Railway Construction / Harbor & Airport Construction / New Transport modes
- Other Fields
Pre-Feasibility Study & Feasibility Study on various road grades / Traffic Analysis & Transport Review / ITS Development / BRT, BIS & BMS / Preliminary & Detailed Plan for TSM / General Road Safety Audit / Improvement Program for Metropolitan Transportation

The Department of Traffic & Transport is highly specialized and responsible for services in relation with traffic control and transportation management. The department has extensively accumulated its technical acumen and expertise by successfully implementing numerous projects in both international and national wides. Based on the such accomplishment, we exert our genuine endeavor to establish the best plans and strategies that fulfill various demands of ever-changing future society by integrating new technologies and information networks of 21st century.