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Roads & Highways

Cutting-edge technology on plans of various roads / construction of national infrastructure

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Major Businesses

- Areas of Preliminary feasibility study.
Political significance of roads and economic efficiency / Suggestion of efficient and realistic progress direction / economic and political analysis
- Feasibility study / master plan area
Problem deduction and presentation of alternative by reviewing Preliminary feasibility study / Optimum route selection and access facility plan in consideration of functional and locational feature of roads / Provision of design basis and facility size in accordance with the feature and function of planned road / Provision of policy of road construction through thorough comparative analysis, evaluation and economic analysis
- Preliminary design area
Review of existing criteria of design ordinances / Comparison and review of alternative routes / Review of size and the size of construction of facilities by alternatives / Computation of approximate construction cost and construction period / Making preliminary drawings
- Detailed design area
Detailed design based on outcome of preliminary design / Detailed survey and analysis, selection of optimal case / creating documents required for construction and maintenance control
- Alternative and T/K, technology proposal area
Suggestion of technological alternatives / construction cost reduction, duration reduction, provision of improvement solutions in life cycle cost / Improvement solutions in functionality and convenience of Roads
- Private investment business area
Business Excavation / Comparison and review of alternative routes / feasibility analysis

The Department is fully involved and capable of carrying out followings services; namely Feasibility Study & Economic Analysis, Preliminary & Detailed Engineering Design, Turn-Key & Alternative Tender designs, Plannings & Designs for SOC Projects for Expressways, National Highways, Local Roads and Metropolitan Roads, also in conjunction with designing for New constructions of Airports, Expansion of Existing Airports and Relocation of Military Airports.