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Geotechnology & Tunnel

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Major Businesses

- Soft ground design
Soft ground Improvement and anti-settlement design
- Slope face design
Stability and reinforcement review in regard to Earth and rock slope
- Structure basis and earth retaining structures planning and safety analysis
Structure basis and earth retaining structures planning and safety analysis
- Tunnel design
Road, railway, subway, under and submarine tunnel area / underground city development and electricity tunnel's establishment of a plan and stability review
- Hydraulic structure design
River environmental improvement safety design / safety design of Dam, bank and shore protection
- Underground space development
underground space development project / underground structures including electricity tunnel design and measuring
- Shield TBM tunnel optimal reinforcement design
- Survey and measuring
Various soil survey for engineering design / soil test plan / analysis
- Geoenvironment area
Soil pollution control and analysis of soil pollution level / pollution prevention technology of underground water and influent / soil reclamation and waste landfill design
- Underground Safety Impact Assessment

The Department of Geotechnical & Tunnel is being extensively involved in various civil engineering services, including Planning, Survey and design. We, the assembly of highly competent engineers, constantly exert our endeavor in producing the most suitable designs for Tunnels, Treatment & Improvement of Soft Ground Foundations and Slopes, Underground Space Development, Temporary Earth Retaining Structures and other structures to secure the stability of our Civil Infrastructures. Our efforts are extended towards the development of Ground Technology by continuously implementing R&D Projects to adapt ourself in the ever-changing civil engineering scene. Based on the best human network holding various experiences and technologies, we are implementing construction planning and design services that are harmonized with optimum economics and stability. Furthermore, we will confidently assure our quality of professional services to provide sophisticated engineering consultancy services through continuous development of techniques and contribute to the social development in 21st century.