Our Business

International Business Development

Provision of globalized high-end Consulting services

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Major Businesses

Technical Assistance, Master Plan, Feasibility Study, Preliminary & Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Assistance, Construction Supervision & Contract Administration in Civil Infrastructure Field such as Roads & Highways, Bridges & Structures, Tunnel & Geotechnology, Traffic & Transport, Environment, Water Resources, Water Supply & Sewerage, Urban Planning & Design and Port & Harbor.

SOOSUNG has been providing high-end engineering consulting services for the assignments with its expertise and experiences through project management to reduce the cost of construction and unexpected changes of design, budget management to prevent unnecessary budget increment by reviewing the initial project budget, evaluation of strategic priorities and providing necessary information and data to execute the projects within suitable budgets with construction firms and clients, and our efforts to assist Client’s rational flexible policy making through our technical consultation.
Based on such accomplishments, SOOSUNG is striving to establish its prominence in global civil engineering market with highly skilled engineers and staffs and has a successful track record having completed over 800 projects in Koreas as well as overseas countries for the last five (5) years. It has been expanding its business field to Asia, Caucasus Region, Oceania, Africa and South America over last ten years, and our efforts have brought the success of projects in such countries as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Brunei, Cambodia, Nepal, Mongolia, Georgia, Samoa, Mozambique, Cameroon, Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras.