Our Business


Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Consulting service provider facailitating successful project implementation

실적 사진


Major Businesses

- Environmental effects evaluation
Environment impact assessment according to the letter of local government ordinance(Jeju special self-governing province) / environmental Impact Assessment Act(Seoul special city)
- Strategic assessment of environmental impact
- Post environmental Impact Assessment
- Consultancy service on Development project(site analysis and proposal)
- Short-term and long-term comprehensive plan on environmental conservation
- Consultancy service on environment related policy, standard, guideline

The Department of Environment is fully competent for conducting infrastructure locations analysis taking into consideration of coordination between development and environment protection, and approval & permission on behalf of the Client to secure sustainable land development. The department provides successful implementation of environmental projects based on the accumulated experiences obtained by carrying out Enviromnetal Impact Assessment, Post-Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic & Small-Scale Environmental Impact Assessment for Roads & Highways, Railways & Metro, Urban Development, Water Resources, Energy & Environment and etc.