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In order to become a globally recognized consulting firm, based on our ample growth over the last quarter of century, we recently moved to Munjeong to begin our new chapter.

SOOSUNG has been leading the Civil engineering industry in sectors such as Roadways, Railways, Urban Planning & Design, Water Resources, Water Supply & Sewage and Environment by focusing on giving impeccably professional services and constant development of technical acumen, and based on such technological prowess, we are expanding our domain to Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines and other South-East Asia, Africa and Caucasus Region to be an internationally renowned Multi-disciplinary civil engineering consulting firm in the world.

Based on such sufficient technical competence, it is our great wish to contribute to the public welfare by seamlessly providing both humanly and technical Zero-defects.

Beyond your imagination, Total Solution Provider-SOOSUNG.

SOOSUNG will never give up on leaping forward as a pioneer of change and innovation while continuing to add values to the human society and technology.

By anticipating the changes of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring in our daily lives, we promise to progress as a driving force of human innovation, leading in upocoming changes and innovation of the mankind history.

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