Our Business

Bridges & Structures

Bridge & Structure Department, pursuing the integration of Human and Technology

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Major Businesses

Design, Design & Construction Supervisions and Other Ancillary Engineering Consultancy Services for followings; General & Special Bridges / Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures for Railways / Reinforced Concrete Tunnels, Dams, Docks, Piers and etc. / Various types of Special Structures

The Department of Bridge & Structure carries out engineering consultancy services such as design, supervision and other ancillary works for various types of structures, including traffic engineering structures for railways, subways, tunnels and bridges. We exert our genuine endeavor to facilitate the achievements of sheer aesthetic & technical acumens and economic aspect of structures, in line with fulfilling the demands of both Clients and Users. Especially, the Department at the Head Office manifests its own ingenious techniques in Bridge Sector, which refers to be the core field of Civil Engineering, by applying numerous new construction technologies.