Our Business

Urban Planning & Design

Based on the state of art technology, we set our sights on the national development in accord with the environment of intelligence information

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Major Businesses

- Land Planning
Comprehensive National Land Development Plan / Metropolitan Area Development Plan / Specific Area Construction Plan / Community District Development Plan
- Urban Planning
Urban & Regional Basic Plan / Urban & Regional Management Plan / District Unit Plan / Notice of Topography Plan / Action Plan per Stages / Greenbelt Management Plan
- Urban Development Planning
Housing Site Development / Urban Development / Industrial Complex Development / Urban & Residential Environment Improvement / New Town Development / Logistics & Distribution Complex Development / Public Rental Housing Development / Urban Regeneration
- Park & Tourist Destination Development
Urban Park Development / Tourist Destination (Complex) Development / Resort Development
- Other Fields
Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Study on Development Project / SOC Project

The Department of Urban Planning & Engineering Design exert its continuous endeavor aiming for sustainable and balanced land development and advancement of living quality by comprehensively realizing efficient utilization of valuable land resources, and Development & Preservation policies to promote the regeneration of urban functions and vitalization of local economies.