Contribution to the human community by dissemination of high-end technology and pursuit of zero-defect engineering services.

Ceaseless ChallengeCeaseless Challenge
Through ceaseless challenges, SOOSUNG has been developing to become the best and highly competent engineering company.
Human and Technology
The supreme virtue of SOOSUNG are Human and Technology. And it has been facilitating itself continuous development by running long term Human Resource Cultivation Programs and Development to devote itself to train professionals and New technology development.
Various ServicesVarious Services
Based on SOOSUNG’s own creative technical acumen and knowledge, approximately 930 of engineers are active in various sectors of engineering industry. SOOSUNG has been providing engineering services such as Feasibility Study, Basic Planning, Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Economic Analysis, Turn-Key & Alternative Design, BTL Project to vast range of clients such as the central government, regional governments, government invested institutes and Private Finance Initiatives, and until this very day, SOOSUNG has firmly established matchless and know-hows by successfully implementing numerous projects in various sectors in Roads & Highways, Bridges, Railways & Metros, Water Supply & Sewerage, Environment, Urban Planning and Complex Development.
Supreme Quality
SOOSUNG makes ceaseless efforts to achieve supreme qualities by firmly establishing Quality Management system for Clients’ satisfaction by respectively being ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance) certified for Design and Construction Supervision in 1998, and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and making ceaseless efforts for supreme qualities.