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A to Z regarding airport planning and design

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Major Businesses

- Feasibility study and economic analysis
Review of Airport size through demand analysis / review of airport's location / Environmental and economic analysis
- Location selection and planning
New airport / Relocation of military airport / small airfield / Helipad
- Preliminary and Detailed Design
New airport (Airside/Landside) / Existing airport expansion / Airside replacement / small airfield / Helipad

Globalization through Aviation Technology!
Airport department has become independent from existing Roads & Airport department to strengthen its engineering specialty.
Our department has successfully implemented “Detailed Engineering Design for Airside Facilities of Incheon International Airport (Phase III)” and “Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design for Expansion of Airside Infrastructure of Jeju International Airport”. Based on such accomplishment, we are fully prepared to world-widely provide total consulting services on aviation technology.