Our Business

Water Supply & Sewerage

Water Supply & Sewerage Department leading the changes in a new paradigm of water management

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Major Businesses

- Water supply area
Waterworks maintenance master plan / multiregional water supply design / water intake facility / water-cleaning facility / water supply and drainage facilities design / feasibility study and master plan
- Sewerage area
Sewerage maintenance master plan / public sewage processing facility and water disposal facility design / sewer maintenance / feasibility study and master plan
- Turnkey and private sector investment
Turnkey project / BTO project / BTL project
- International development
Developing country master plan
- Other business
Wastewater and Seawayer Desalination Facility / Riverbank Filtrate / Treated water reuse Facility / Water Supply & Sewage Facility Technical diagnosis / Urban Flood Prevention / LID

The Department of Water Supply & Sewerage Engineering is in charge of undertaking comprehensive planning and design of water supply and sewerage to supply industrial and potable water. In addition, sewage disposal plants can be designed to treat domestic factory wastewater physically and chemically.