Our Business

Railways & Metro

Master plan, Feasibility Study and Preliminary & Detailed Engineering Design for the development of Railway infrastructures such as Urban railways, Metro railways, standard railways, high-speed railways and industrial railways.

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Major Businesses

- Land planning area
Comprehensive national territorial plans / metropolitan area readjustment Plan / specific area development plan / development promoted district development plan
- Urban planning area
Urban and military master plan / urban and military management master plan / district unit plan / limited development district management plan
- Urban development area
Building land development project / urban development project / industrial complex project / distribution complex development project / station area development project / free economic zone development project / preliminary and detailed design
- Urban restoration area
Urban and housing environments adjustment mater plan / urban and housing environments adjustment project / Urban restoration strategic planning and urban vitalization plan / industrial restoration plan / preliminary and detailed design
- Urban design area
Earth works plan and design / water and sewage plan and design / road and pavement design / structure design, preparation of specification and management of construction process
- Park, tourist attraction development area
Park project / tourist attraction project / tourist complex project / golf course project / amusement park project / preliminary and detailed design

The Department of Railway & Metro is one of SOOSUNG's the greatest strengths. Their reputation has derived from their continuous contributions in thriving scenario of international civil engineering industry funded by various sources, such as Government, MDB, PPP, PFI and Etc.
They have been providing highly competent technical acumen and expertise in their sector to ensure rendering of their state-of-the-art technology and knowledge to achieve the quality services and meet the Clients' requirements in the view of railway infrastruction development.