Our Business

Water Resources

Specialized Department in charge of utilizing and preserving water resources and flood prevention

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Major Businesses

- Basin comprehensive flood damage mitigation plan area
River basin flood damage prevention / multipurpose dam and dam for flood control / management of flood plain and flood defense facilities’ structural measure / management of flood forecast and warning system
- River maintenance master plan area
River improvement / river environment management and preparation of river documents / small river maintenance design / river improvement works detailed design
- River environment management plan area
preservation of river environment, restoration / river environment maintenance project
- Detailed design area
Dyke construction / channel maintenance / construction of drainage structures / high water channel maintenance / construction of ecological park near the river
- Disaster impact assessment area
Disaster protection design (disaster impact assessment)
- Other area
Roads, Railways, Bridges maintenance / hydrologic analysis / comprehensive plan of small river improvement / survey of variation of river bed / flow measurement / Hydraulic Experiment

The Department of Water Resource Engineering Design provides professional engineering consultancy serivces competantly taking a full charge of planning general usages and conservation of water resources, flood damage prevention, countermeasure establishment for flooded area and more.
We also initiate flood control services to maintain public welfare and prevent the potential economic losses and securing favorable quality & quantity of drinking water